Saturday, September 17, 2011

Where Have I Been...Anyway?

 It's been a winding road I'm traveling.  In this day and age, especially for "boomers" it has always been a winding of making peace, finding your way, allowing values to manifest into ideas, trusting God and being led by His Spirit.  I'm one to withdraw during those times and not pummel others with my woes...well, unless you're my husband.  Great guy.  Faithful.  Solid.

So, I'm back.  Great news, will soon be launching my coaching business...but not sure which focus I'll focus that clear?  More later...when I'm focused.  

The biggest "thing" I've learned is to really chose what is important to me and what feeds my energy that feeds my priorities.  That includes many things.  Mostly it  means being willing to live with the pain of change...letting go of some dreams, some ideas, some friends.  It hurt but it was a good hurt because it solidified what was kept.  Dreams start developing into reality.  Ideas focus on the present goal.  Friends become good friends.
Polly 5/1/96 - 9/14/11
Even my dogs have had the luxury of focused attention and play...and when it was time to say good-bye to Polly, it hurt a little...just a little less. 

So as the road less traveled...(poem by Robert Frost or the book by Scott Peck)...continues to unfold, I'm wonderfully anticipating its developments...and will share as I will.

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